A Message From the Elders

Two months ago, we returned to on-site worship gatherings. We and the ministers continue our prayers and discussions about the timing and format for other activities returning. We understand the need for diligence in this time of uncertainty while also acknowledging the importance and desire within us to be together.

If you find opportunities to gather with friends and family, do so safely and within current guidelines, much like we do on Sundays for our 8am and 11am Worship Gatherings. But during those gatherings, we encourage you to recognize how special they truly are.

As we are in prayer, we ask you to pray, as well. Pray for the health of our family at Hendersonville, for our giving, our city and nation, and the decisions we make over the upcoming months as to the best path on the journey for our congregation.

Also, pray for yourself. It is okay and important to do so. Ask for a deeper relationship with God, for a calm and pure heart in times of anxiety and chaos, and for peace towards your brothers and sisters in Christ. Remember the words of psychologist Adam Grant:

“The capacity to feel intense emotions makes us vulnerable to despair and grief – but it also enables us to hope and to love.”

Let that hope and love – the hope and love of the Lord – be the guide for you today and tomorrow and as we continue to navigate life together.

In Him, 

the elders