A Message From the Elders: New Discipleship Minister

In April 2009 we hired Jon Micah Richardson as our Student Minister. Today we are pleased to announce that he is transitioning to a new role on our staff: Discipleship Minister. In recent years his heart and passions have grown in this area of ministry. He is completing his Master of Divinity degree in December. We are happy that the need for such a leader at Hendersonville can be filled by someone who has such a heart for this work as Jon Micah has.

Therefore, beginning January 3, 2017, Jon Micah ends his role as Student Minister and officially begins as Discipleship Minister. His role oversees our small groups and adult classes. We have full confidence in him in this new role. He and his family love this church. This kind of transition is a natural step for youth ministers and we are happy that he wants to continue his ministry here.

A search has already begun for a new Student Minister. We are confident God will continue to watch over us as we step into this new chapter. But, we need your help. Will you pray? Will you pray for wisdom and diligence as we make this search? There is much work to be done and much excitement among the leadership for this new staff member and for Jon Micah’s new work.

Hendersonville is a great church. We’ve said that the future is bright. This is one example of why we believe that to be true.

~ the elders