A Message From the Elders

You may remember that our four areas of emphasis are our children’s program, our students, our small groups and our worship. We believe that these areas fit very well with our mission statement: To love and glorify God, promote spiritual growth in His family and reflect Jesus by serving and teaching others. In fact, our emphasis areas and the mission statement guide our prayers, our plans and our vision for the future. Our prayer is that by emphasizing these areas and keeping our mission statement in mind, we as His family can accomplish great things for His kingdom. To that end, we understand that we must remain relevant to our community and our time. Thus, we are studying how we can better use our facility and resources.

We continue to be thankful for and impressed with our staff. Monica, our Children’s Minister, is a treasure. She continues to make great strides with our children’s ministry and Megan has proven to be a wonderful assistant.

Brian Holaway, Director of Communications, is proving to be a valuable addition as he helps us pursue our goal of connecting to our community. He is currently teaching a combined class of the Young Families and the Young and Marrieds and we have heard good things.

Tony Brimingham, Director of Ministries, has hit the ground running. He has already proven his commitment to our family, and those of you who have had the chance to meet him have seen his enthusiasm and dedication. He, too, is currently teaching one of our adult Bible classes and we are sure that you will see much more of him in the future.

John Micah and Beth, our Student Minister and Student Associate, continue to do a wonderful job with our youth. They are a vital part of our mission here. And of course we have a great office support staff, and our gratitude goes out to them as well.

In Drew we have one of the finest preaching minsters in the brotherhood. We are thankful that he, Melanie and his children are here with us. His future here is very bright.

We continue to seek a Spiritual Formation Minister and know that, through patience and prayer, God will provide in that, as well.

Our prayer for this family is that we glorify God and are a force for Christ in our community and world. We spend each of our meetings in prayer seeking God’s wisdom and praying for you, our family, many times by name.

We have a great love for all of you and earnestly seek God’s will for our family. We trust you continue to pray that God gives all of us wisdom and grace.
Our time is one of great opportunities. We are excited about our future and ask that you dream big dreams with us about how we can serve others and grow in number and spirit.

The elders