An Update From the Elders

We wanted to take a moment to update you on two items related to our current and long-term vision for our church family.

We presented on February 26 that we hired a new Student Minister, Shelby Kohring. He and his family arrive next Sunday, April 9. We continue to be excited for this new chapter at Hendersonville and for our teens and are thankful to God for leading us through another successful hiring process.

Last November we announced the planned addition of a section of singers with microphones in our worship gatherings. Much was needed to be well prepared for this including evaluation and upgrades to our sound booth technology, identifying a starting group of singers and singing practice. We are pleased to announce that after much practice together, this group of talented singers is prepared to join us on Sundays. This volunteer group – all Hendersonville members – has worked hard over the last several weeks to train together under the leadership and direction of our worship leader, Cameron Frazier. They are joining us at our 10am worship gathering starting next Sunday, April 9, and are sitting together in the balcony.

So, next week is a big week for our family. Then, the following week is Easter Sunday, a day where we come together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with people across the world. It is a special time of love, thankfulness and remembrance of where we place our hope.

We are thankful that you are a part of this congregation. This family is important to us and, because of that, we pray for you often and eagerly look forward to what God has planned for us and the future of this great congregation.


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