Staff Update

One of the four priorities at Hendersonville is worship. In July and August of last year, Blake Parker, our worship leader, worked directly with our singers, helping them learn new songs and grow together as a team that greatly enhances our worship in song. In September, Blake began his time at Hendersonville as our new worship leader.

As part-time staff, his responsibilities extended beyond Sunday morning as he continued to work with our singers and Sunday morning worship planning.

For some time we have considered a staff position that supports the staff and elders and that also helps coordinate resources to achieve the impact we want to make in our community and the world. Blake has agreed to continue leading worship while also joining our staff full time as Executive Minister. An Executive Minister role helps every one of us become more connected to, and engaged in, Hendersonville church life while also drawing us closer together as we grow spiritually. This role manages the day-to-day operations of the church while providing guidance to help each ministry thrive. It enables our future Preaching Minister to preach the Gospel and build relationships and provides our eldership the opportunity to focus on the spiritual needs of our members and in setting direction and vision for Hendersonville’s future.

Blake’s time on staff begins immediately. Be in prayer over Blake and his new role at Hendersonville.

– the elders