New Student Minister

We are excited to announce the hiring of Hendersonville’s new Student Minister. Shelby Kohring, a youth minister of almost 10 years at the Westwood and Twickenham congregations, has accepted our offer to join our staff and family at Hendersonville.

Before we tell you a bit about Shelby and his family we want to communicate a bit about the hiring efforts. As we said in November, when Jon Micah Richardson transitioned to his new role of Discipleship Minister, we began the search for a new Student Minister. With direction from Drew Crosby, our Preaching Minister, and numerous interviews, calls and meetings, we diligently searched for the best leader for our teens. Shelby became the obvious choice. Not only does his ministry speak to his ability to lead teens towards Jesus, numerous tenured youth ministers and other ministry professionals recommended Shelby to us as a great fit for our church family. We look forward to the Kohring family joining our family soon.

When we announced in November the search for a Student Minister, we said: “We are confident God will continue to watch over us as we step into this new chapter. But, we need your help. Will you pray? Will you pray for wisdom and diligence as we make this search?”

We want to thank you for answering our call for prayers of wisdom and diligence. And we thank God for his blessings as we step into this new chapter at Hendersonville.

– the elders


David Holdren, for the elders, announces Shelby as our new Student Minister on Sunday, February 26, 2017.

About the Kohring Family

Shelby and Jessi, both 2007 graduates of Lipscomb University, married in 2008 and began their life together in McMinnville. Shelby began his ministry at Westwood Church of Christ, while Jessi taught middle school English and theater. After serving at Westwood for three and a half years they moved to Twickenham Church of Christ in Huntsville, Alabama, where they worked together on the youth ministry staff for almost six years. Shelby is from Knoxville, growing up at Westwood Church of Christ. Jessi is from Lebanon and attended College Hills Church of Christ.

They have two daughters, Ezra Kate, who turns four in May, and Eli Reese, who turns two in April. As a family, they love taking adventures together, including vacations to Disney World, hikes and campouts (outdoors and in their living room), and family trips to Walmart (Ezra Kate’s favorite). In their free time, Shelby enjoys playing golf and fishing. Jessi enjoys reading, drinking coffee and planning Disney vacations for her family and others. They very much look forward to joining the Hendersonville family and making it home.

A Message From the Kohrings to the Hendersonville Student Ministry

A Message From Jon Micah Richardson

Jon Micah is the current Discipleship Minister and previous Student Minister at Hendersonville

Over the last 30 years Hendersonville has been blessed with a rich youth ministry history. Our youth ministry staff has always been surrounded and equipped with amazing interns and volunteers. The last eight years have been no exception! Beth and I have thoroughly enjoyed working together and were blessed to serve side-by-side with hundreds of incredible students.

Now, I am more than pleased to express my excitement for a dear friend who has been hired to serve on our ministry staff as youth minister. I have known Shelby and Jessi for years. Our families have vacationed together, he and I have designed retreats together, and we serve on the IMPACT board together. He will be an awesome addition to our team and I know you will fall in love him and his family. I cannot wait for you meet and get to know him. Congratulations HSM!


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