Outdoor Worship Gathering

If you are already attending an 8am or 11am Worship Gathering in-person on Sundays, do not attend this event.

Join us for an outdoor Worship Gathering on Sunday, October 18, at 1pm near the gazebo (by the West Entrance). Bring camp chairs. Masks required at all times.

This time is for our friends and family who are otherwise unable to attend other gatherings in-person (people with disabilities, people with serious respiratory or cardiovascular conditions and people who are immunocompromised).

Again – if you are already attending in-person on Sundays or Wednesdays and do not fit the above description, please do not attend. We are making this event as safe as possible for those previously unable to attend any gathering in person.


Hendersonville Church of Christ
107 Rockland Road, Hendersonville, TN 37075


November 1, 2020


1:00pm - 2:00pm
Blake Parker


Blake Parker


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