New Elders at Hendersonville

The elders have been in prayer and discussion for the past several months about the eldership as a whole, the future of each current elder, and how we can best position ourselves and plan for the future. From these discussions, two items emerged.

Two Elders Stepping Down From Leadership

Bill Shannon and Larry Perry expressed their desire to step aside as elders effective this month. Though we are sad to see these two great men leave the eldership, we are eternally grateful for their many years of service. We will have more to say about this on October 24, their last Sunday serving as elders, but wanted to make you aware of their plans. 

For Consideration as Elders

As we discussed the future and with this decision from Bill and Larry, we saw the need to bring more men into the eldership. We are blessed to have men who are willing to serve this church and after more prayers and more discussion, today we are excited and blessed to present four men for your consideration as elders.

These men are John Johnson, Jeff Oliver, Jim Pedigo, and Nathan White.

If there is any reason why you feel any of these men should not serve, please contact any elder in writing between now and Friday, October 15. For your information, the current elders’ contact information is in the bulletin each week. We ask, as always, that you pray over this process, our current leadership, and these men and their families. God has blessed us in countless ways and we are confident that He will continue to do so as we consider the future.