to Hendersonville Church of Christ

Worship Gathering: 10–11am
• Auditorium (use the main entrance)
• Kids’ Church (age three–Kindergarten) & nursery available


Classes: 9–9:45am
• For kids, students & adults
See adult classes


Other Sunday Gatherings
• Worship Gathering: 7:45am in the Auditorium
• Bible Study: 5pm in the Auditorium
• No nursery or Kids’ Church at 7:45am or 5pm

Classes: 6:30–7:15pm
For adults, students and kids


See adult classes
See Student Ministry activities on Wednesdays

107 Rockland Road • Hendersonville, Tennessee

What To Expect


We gather in our Auditorium for worship. Expect cappella singing (congregational songs with no instruments) led by a single worship leader with a team of seated singers with microphones.


We participate in communion (also known as the Lord’s Supper) each Sunday.


Finally, we hear from a speaker who gives a lesson from the Bible. Sermons last 20-30 minutes and are preceded and followed by prayer and song.


We have seating available across the Auditorium so you can find a spot most comfortable for you. Ushers are available at every entrance to assist, if needed.



Our earlier gathering has about 100 in attendance (compared to around 1,000 at 10am) and meets in the Auditorium.

Gatherings are casual. Wear what you would normally wear to work or school. Jeans and t-shirts are not uncommon, nor are suits and ties.

9am – Class
Kids attend an age-appropriate class taught by a volunteer. All teachers are required to have a background check before working with children.


9:45am – Class ends
• Birth–preschool: return to your child’s classroom to pick them up.


• Kindergarten–4th Grade: pick up your child in the Library (Kids’ Church room) located in the Back Lobby and just outside the front Auditorium doors.


Kids’ Church: Ages Two–Kindergarten
Just after our communion during the worship gathering, look for a slide on the screen that says it’s time to take your child to Kids’ Church. Just follow the crowd. Volunteers help along the way. Pick up your child in the Library (Kids’ Church room) at the end of the worship gathering, usually around 11–11:15am.

If you enter our parking lot near the main entrance, look for Guest Parking near the covered drop-off area.