Response & Plans

If you need grocery, prescription or communion delivered to your home or need other assistance, volunteers are ready to help.

Schedule Summary

  • All scheduled events at the building between April 1 and April 15 are cancelled.
    • Sunday, April 5 & 12 – no on-site gatherings or classes; worship at home with online resources.
    • Wednesday, April 8 & 15 – no on-site gatherings or classes.
  • Family Counseling Center: teletherapy sessions available in lieu of meeting in person. Schedule an appointment: 615.824.6727.
  • Day School: closed through April 24.

Giving Online

Or mail gifts to P.O. Box 176, Hendersonville, TN 37077

or drop in the lockbox outside the Church Office door.

Updates From the Elders

Remain calm and rest easy, even in times that encourage fear. Ultimately, our responses to destruction, viruses and any other adversity are first with prayer and faith in Jesus (Matthew 6:33–34). Then, we respond with love and hope in His name. – the elders

  • Sunday, March 29 & April 5 – worship at home with online resources; Small Groups are not meeting.
  • Wednesday, March 25 & April 1 – no on-site gatherings or classes

All scheduled events at the building between March 23 and April 5 are cancelled.

  • Let us know if you know any high-risk individuals who need communion, food or prescriptions delivered to their homes or if you can volunteer to deliver these items.
  • Single-serve communion is available at the covered drop-off at the Main Entrance.
  • Church Office hours:
    • Call during normal hours, Monday–Thursday, 8am–4pm, or Friday, 8am–3:30pm
    • Minister available on-site: Monday–Thursday, 9am–2pm; or by phone anytime, as usual
  • Give online or mail a check to P.O. Box 176, Hendersonville, TN 37077; more giving options.

Through the narrative of the Bible, followers of God had plans and sometimes seemed to be in control of their circumstances, only to have the unexpected happen. Job had it all, then had nothing. Saul was heading to Damascus and his itinerary changed quickly, then forever. In more events throughout scripture, unexpected and out-of-control events happened. However, God was glorified!


Before we ever heard of Coronavirus we all had plans. Now, many of those plans are on hold, altered or canceled. Churches, including Hendersonville, are making changes. As your elders and ministers, we understand the frustration and anxiety caused by current events. We are adjusting many things within our daily operations, not in fear, but in showing love to our neighbor and those most vulnerable. Regardless of individual thoughts on what to do, we know this: God is in control, He is on His throne, He is glorified and He is with us.


So here is our charge to you though we may not be able to have our usual gatherings. Be mindful of where you can show the compassion of Jesus through these circumstances. Find opportunities to insert God and His love into the conversation and into your actions. Show the world we are different and invite them into this journey to be more like Christ.


We continue to pray for you and all of those affected by the tornados and this virus. – the elders and ministers

  • Wednesday, March 18 – no classes or gatherings
  • Sunday, March 22 – worship in homes with online resources (coming soon); Small Groups are not meeting.
  • Wednesday, March 25 – no classes or gatherings
  • Several groups are not meeting this week. Contact your group leader if you have not already heard an update from them.
  • If you know any high-risk individuals who need communion, food or prescriptions delivered to their homes or if you can volunteer to deliver these items, email or call Tony Brimingham (, 615.824.6622 x105).
  • Single-serve communion is available at the covered drop-off at the Main Entrance. Take only what you need for your family this Sunday. You can also make your own communion bread with this recipe.
  • Give online or mail a check to P.O. Box 176, Hendersonville, TN 37077.

After counsel from the medical community and other church leaders, the elders prayerfully decided the following:

  • All classes as well as the 5pm gathering are cancelled Sunday, March 15.
  • The 7:45 and 10am Worship Gatherings meet as usual. If you choose not to attend, watch online at 10am.
  • Continue to follow CDC recommendations, especially for those at a higher risk (people over 60, with diabetes, etc.). That means those individuals should stay home. Anyone with a cough or sneezing should also remain home.
  • Small Groups should use their own discretion and cancel meetings if they wish.

An update to our response to the coronavirus outbreak:

  • Pray for the broken-hearted (Psalm 34:18) and do not worry (Luke 12:29–31).
  • We are distributing single-serve communion cups and bread at the door this Sunday, March 15.
  • We substantially increased facility cleaning efforts.
  • Use good judgment about attending Hendersonville events and follow CDC guidelines for those who are at higher risk.
  • We are continuing to carefully monitor this situation and, should onsite gatherings above a certain size be temporarily discontinued, we are planning online worship resources for all members.

Continue reading for more updates. If you have questions, we are always available to talk.

Just as with the recent tornados, we wanted to address the growing issues surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.


First, we are in prayer about this and encourage you to pray, as well. Specifically, we are praying for those impacted by this virus both because of infection but also because of loss of work and other ramifications of closures and cancellations. We are also praying for a swift end to the outbreak and for a calm response from our community and world.


We are personally following Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus in communities.


We wash our hands often and for at least 20 seconds, we keep high-touch surfaces in our homes disinfected and speak with our families about sensible practices to help prevent the spread of this and any other virus. Our facility at Hendersonville is also cleaned regularly and thoroughly and we encourage you to wash your hands often while joining in various assemblies.


Finally, while we pray for the situation to resolve, we are staying updated on the situation as much as possible to appropriately make any changes necessary to our current response should this worsen