Tornado Relief

March 5
After the recent tornados across Middle Tennessee, we see the larger picture of the devastation that has impacted our area. We expect needs to arise in the coming days and weeks and are preparing our responses to those needs. However, there are things we can do now.

  • Pray for our communities as they suffer through loss. Be close to the brokenhearted just as the Lord is close to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18).
  • Can you provide temporary housing? Do you have a car to donate to someone who lost theirs? Do you know someone who needs more immediate assistance? Contact Tony Brimingham, Director of Ministries. He is working with our local outreach deacons and community to consolidate and make better our overall responses to various needs.
  • Join a cleanup effort. We do not recommend driving to deeply affected areas with dangerous structural damage. However, there are areas that need cleanup assistance. Consider carpooling and parking outside an affected area and walking the final few blocks. As you pass by homes with more general debris and damage, ask if they need help. You could also take sack lunches to pass out to those you meet who are assisting in recovery.
  • Be aware of opportunities to respond. Then, respond. This is good advice for every day. Be aware of those around you, look for those in need and provide for those needs. In doing so, you do the work of God.

Again, contact Tony Brimingham if you know of specific needs or to offer assistance.

Other Ways To Help