Vision Update: A Message From the Elders

Hendersonville’s four priorities are worship, small groups, children’s ministry and student ministry. We have chosen to concentrate our efforts on these areas to remain focused, purposeful and diligent in what we do as a family.

Our 2017 budget, available today, is a reflection of our many hours of discussion and prayer and our efforts to stay true to our mission and vision for Hendersonville.

For example, we are changing our agreement with AGAPE and their use of a small part of our facility. Beginning January 1, the AGAPE office is moving from our campus. This is a mutual decision between the leadership here and at AGAPE. Brian Sheppard, our Counselor on staff, will begin using the current AGAPE office in the Annex as his office on January 1. This provides a more private area of access for those he counsels.

In addition, you will soon see minor Auditorium updates. We are upgrading several items on the stage, as well as parts of our audio and projection systems. New projectors and screens are coming soon. The audio upgrades are to prepare for the introduction of a section of miked singers during our worship gatherings, seated in the Auditorium. On Wednesday nights during the summers of 2015 and 2016 we used miked singers and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Our systems and volunteers are not prepared to be utilized at this time. However, we are diligently working to have this ready as soon as possible. These initiatives are to further enhance our a cappella singing during worship gatherings.

These updates are not so we, the members of this congregation, enjoy our Sunday mornings more. They are not to find a way to spend money or have new things. We live in a rapidly changing culture with people that question Jesus’ relevance in their lives.

To comply with our mission of Connecting Christ With Community and love the people of the city of Hendersonville and beyond, we need to improve. We must improve the way we relate, the way we speak and the way we present ourselves to guests. We must focus our hearts toward those who do not know us, do not care about us, and have no perceived need for a Savior.

We will never change our purpose in Christ: to love God and to love others. Those are the words of Jesus as recorded in three of the four Gospels. We hold scripture in high regard, and therefore take the words of Jesus seriously. Love God. Love others. As your shepherds, we want to sit at Jesus’ feet, learn from Him, and then follow His command to reach the world in His name.

But we are also your elders, and as part of our efforts to better shepherd the wonderful people of this congregation, we are hosting a prayer gathering on Sunday, December 18, from 5-6pm, in Room 420/421.

We want to pray with you about our heart behind the things we are announcing today and to join with you in prayer over each of them. We pray, even now, that you join us for this time. But because we do not want to limit this time of prayer to one Sunday afternoon, beginning today at least two elders are available in the Library after Sunday morning worship gatherings. Use this time as one of prayer, response to the invitation after the sermon or to stop by and talk.

We love you. We love being your elders. We love this time of serving our God together. We acknowledge these and other updates offer challenges in some hearts and minds. We ask for your trust in these and future decisions and ask that you partner with us. We cannot move forward with our mission to Connect Christ With Community without unity and love.

We are trusting God. We ask that you trust us, as well.

Hendersonville is a great church. It is a wonderful family of God. As your shepherds, we are thankful for the past and present and eager to face the future together with you.

Other Vision Updates

2017 Budget

Vision Priorities – $416,150

Children’s Ministry – $85,400
Small Groups / Discipleship – $16,900
Student Ministry – $71,850
Worship – $32,000
Priority Improvements – $210,000


Administration – $1,255,304
Payroll, insurance, recurring expenses, etc.

Adult & Family Ministries – $117,730
Counseling, college, men, women, seniors, fellowship, etc.

Debt Service – $195,934
Imperial Square – $(259,269)

Facilities – $249,940
Utilities, transportation, technology

Missions – $276,110

  • Local – $124,870
  • Foreign – $151,240

Whispering Pines Christian Camp – $36,100

Total – $2,288,000

2017 Weekly Budget – $44,000


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