9–9:45am • March 8–April 26

Join us on Sunday mornings as we journey through the Bible together. We are studying God, Creation and Human vocation from Genesis to Revelation in order to worship our Resurrected Lord as Resurrected People in the Resurrected World.

Genesis: Humanity’s Original Vocation
The first two chapters of the Book of Genesis are crucial for establishing who God is, who we are and how we relate to Him. As human beings, we are created in the image of God, called to be co-workers in creation.

Kevin Walker

Any adults

Jon Micah Richardson

Room 201
Adults age 35+

Stan Wilson & Mark Ciampa

Room 202
Adults ages 20s–30s

Genesis: Humanity Tumbled
When God began to create, He took what was unordered and ordered it to make a “good,” habitable space. God filled it with life, blessed it for growth and development and gave humanity a choice which they have made over and over again.

Les Chapman

Room 420
Adults age 45+

Tim Bewley

Room 421
Baby boomers

Jan Blackwell

Room 422
Adults age 60+

Other Sunday Classes

David Villacorta & Rod Stamps

Room A
College students

Rodney Cloud

Room 419
Any adults • Biblical Word Studies

Brad Mutchler & Rick Fussell

Community Room
Singles of all ages


6:30–7:15pm • March 4–April 29

Jon Micah Richardson & Stan Wilson

Room 421
Any adults • Finding God in Stranger Things