Classes for Adults


Auditorium & Attend Online

Walking on Water with Jesus: Lessons From the Life of Simon Peter

Les Chapman & Lee Hickerson

Room 418 & Zoom

Sit. Walk. Stand. - Exploring the Letter of Ephesians

Jon Micah Richardson

  • Families

Room 420

Acts: The Spirit Is...

Tommy & Lisa Swint

  • Any adults

Room 421 & Zoom

Acts: The Spirit Is...

Owen Slaughter, Kevin Walker, Jeff Castle, John Massey, Eric Bowman

Room 422 & Zoom

Seeing the Unseen

Clyde Head, Mark Massey, Mike Ryan

  • Adults age 65+

Community Room & Zoom

The Prison Epistles

Mark Ciampa

  • Baby boomers

Room 201

Living the Questions and Prayerfully Listening for Answers

Les Chapman

  • Any adults

Other Sunday Options
• Classes for Students & Kids



Ongoing Study

Les Chapman

Room 420

Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality

Owen & Jenny Slaughter

• Any adults

Room 421

Forming Resilient Children

Jon Micah Richardson

  • Families
  • Join us as we study the role of spiritual formation in the lives of children.