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Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

Growing in Christlikeness: Sunday Classes This Summer

The apostle Paul longed that Christian believers be so filled with the Holy Spirit that Christ himself would shape their whole lives from the inside out. And that is exactly what Paul means when he comes to talk about the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5. What would happen if we actually allowed the power of the Spirit of God to govern the way we live? This is made possible as we daily cultivate the nine qualities that make up the fruit of the Spirit. Fruit, just as character, takes time to develop – a lifetime. Join us on Sunday mornings as we study the fruit of the Spirit and discern what it means to become more like Jesus.


9-9:45am • September 3-November 26

Richard Swint & John Young

Audience: Empty nesters
Location: Room 101

Barry Potts

Audience: Adults age 35+
Location: Room 201

Jon Micah Richardson

Audience: Adults ages 20s-30s
Location: Room 202

Mike Ryan & Bill Brock

Audience: Adults age 50+ (Seekers)
Location: Room 204

Kevin Walker

Audience: Adults age 40+ (Dreammakers)
Location: Room 420

Bob Abney

Audience: Baby boomers
Location: Room 421

Jan Blackwell

Audience: Adults age 60+ (Keenagers)
Location: Room 422

Rodney Cloud

Audience: Senior adults
Location: Auditorium

Brad Mutchler & Rick Fussell

Audience: Singles of all ages
Location: Room F


7-7:45pm • September 6-November 29


Audience: Women
Location: Room 422
Guest Speaker (September 6-October 11): Katie Arthur
Various Teachers (October 18-November 29)

Dive into letters to Timothy and Titus as Paul encourages his young helpers in ministering to their fellow believers. Hear about discipleship for women of all ages and stages and the amazing things that can happen as we gather around the table together. 

Then, get encouragement through Beth Moore’s Entrusted study of 2 Timothy and learn the importance of what He has entrusted to you and how to share it with others.

1 & 2 Corinthians

Audience: Senior adults
Location: Room 101
Teacher: Joe Jackson

Selected Topics

Audience: All adults
Location: Room 420/421
Teacher: Drew Crosby