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April 3–June 26

Auditorium & Attend Online

Exploring the Travels of Jesus: A Virtual Holy Land Trip

Dr. Rodney Cloud & Stan Wilson

Ready to make a trip to Israel each Sunday morning? Explore the Holy Land from Hendersonville with the magic of modern technology and our vision to share Israel with you. Inspired by the pandemic, we created this class as a virtual reality tour in the Holy Land allowing you to be in Tel-Aviv one minute, Masada the next, and Haifa before heading to lunch. Dr. Cloud has led over 20 tours in Israel. The virtual tour brings Israel to life and deepens your understanding of the Bible and geography. Transport to the fascinating land of the Bible and see Scripture come to life. Allow this class to spark your physical travel to these sites in the future. Glorious churches, peaceful holy sites, and spiritual walks on the same paths taken by holy men and women for hundreds of years are waiting for you when the time is right.

Room 202

Creating a
Rule of Life

Jon Micah Richardson

- Any adults
- Contact Jon

Join us as we explore what it means to cultivate rhythms in our lives that enable us to say yes to a process of spiritual transformation.

Room 420 & Zoom

Engaging the Purpose
Driven Life

Les Chapman

Room 421 & Zoom

Encountering Jesus

John Massey, Lindsey Judd

Room 422 & Zoom

Reflecting Jesus:
Lessons From Mark

Clyde Head, Mark Massey

- Any adults - Contact Mark

Community Room & Zoom

Exploring the Gospel
of Mark

Mark Ciampa

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Through May 25

Room 421 & Zoom

A Discussion of
the Enneagram

Jon Micah Richardson & Stan Wilson

Join us as we explore this personality typing system that helps people understand who they are and what makes them tick.

Community Room

How To Be a Man: Pursuing Christ-Centered Masculinity

Owen Slaughter

- Any adults

Using eight core characteristics of Christ (identity, integrity, purpose, surrender, passion, commitment, compassion, influence), this devotional experience will challenge men to exemplify these in their own lives as they passionately pursue Christ-centered manhood.

Auditorium & Attend Online

Ancient Wisdom
for Today's Challenges

Les Chapman

Room 420

Mama Bear Apologetics

Jenny Slaughter & Jamie Walker

- Ladies of all ages

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