Auditorium & Online

Journey Life

Room 201

Journey Life

  • Les Chapman
  • Any adults

Room 202

Practicing the Way


  • Jon Micah Richardson
  • College-age adults

Room 420

One Word ….Weekly Study Into “The Big Picture,” “Christian Character,” and “Last Things”

  • Tommy & Lisa Swint
  • Any adults

Room 421 & Zoom

The Christian Life: Discussion and Application

Room 422

Examining the Footprints of Jesus through the Gospel of Luke

  • Various teachers
  • Adults age 65+

Community Room

The End (1 & 2 Thessalonians)

  • Mark Ciampa
  • Baby boomers

Other Sunday Options

  • Classes for Students (Student Center)
  • Classes for Kids (Kids’ Center)


Ongoing Study

Room 101 (Multipurpose Room)

What If Jesus Was Serious About Heaven?


  • Stan Wilson
  • Any adults

Room 419

The Way Back to Mayberry: Lessons from a Simpler Time


  • Tommy Swint
  • Men

Room 420

The Key to Living by Faith: Hebrews

  • Lori Eubank & Wynne Callis
  • Ladies

Other Wednesday Options

  • Classes for Students (Student Center)
  • Classes for Kids (Kids’ Center)

Room 421

Forming Resilient Children


  • Jon Micah Richardson
  • Families

Join us at 6:30pm on Wednesdays this summer as we celebrate how Jesus has revealed himself in a variety of ways and celebrate the community here at Hendersonville.

Classes for Adults, Students, and Kids meet in the Auditorium together. A Nursery class is available for kids ages two and younger.

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