9–9:45am • June 9–August 25

Life is full of “what if” scenarios. These moments represent a variety of feelings and experiences. Some represent monumental historical occasions and shifts in culture. What if the internet had never been developed? Still, some are of immense theological import – what if we didn’t have access to the letter Paul wrote to the Philippians? Paul speaks to the character of God, Jesus, the believer and the body of Christ-followers – and invites us to participate in the good news of Jesus Christ. Join us on Sunday mornings this summer as we begin to discover what it means to become the Gospel.

Karl Wagnon

Room 101
Adults age 70+

Tony Brimingham

Room 201
Adults age 35+

Jon Micah Richardson

Room 202
Adults ages 20s–30s

Kevin Walker

Room 420
Adults age 40+

Stan Wilson

Room 421
Baby boomers

Bob Abney

Room 422
Adults age 60+

Daniel Claytor
& Rod Stamps

Room A
College students

Brad Mutchler

Community Room
Singles of all ages

Les Chapman

Senior adults

Other Sunday Classes

Rodney Cloud

Room 419
Any adults • Biblical Word Studies


6:30–7:15pm • Through August 28

What does it mean to be fully alive? What kind of impact does that have on others? Join us on Wednesday evenings this Summer as we explore what it means to live well and participate in the glory of God in such a way that we would live as we were designed: to flourish.