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for adults

We are faced with challenging questions. What story do you want your life to tell? How are you investing the one life that you have been given? In what ways is the church living up to its call to radically change the world?

Jesus charged His church to make disciples (Matthew 28). Therefore, we turn our attention to the nurturing of believers in how to live their faith: being a disciple of Jesus, the greatest cause on earth. Join us this quarter as we explore the one thing that can make our lives different than the world around us: an unwavering commitment to follow Jesus.


9-9:45am • March 4-May 27

Rodney Cloud • Room 101

Special Interest • Journey Through the Bible

Brian Sheppard • Room 201

Adults ages 20s–40s • Marriage Enrichment

Jon Micah Richardson • Room 202

Adults ages 20s–40s • Introduction to Discipleship

Bob Abney • Room 204

Adults age 50+ (Seekers) • Introduction to Discipleship

Avery Casey • Room 420

Adults age 40+ (Dreammakers) • Introduction to Discipleship

Richard Swint, Jeff Ralph & John Young • Room 421

Baby boomers • Introduction to Discipleship

Tony Brimingham • Room 422

Adults age 60+ (Keenagers) • Introduction to Discipleship

Tucker Keen & Daniel Claytor • Room A

College students • Introduction to Discipleship

Brad Mutchler & Rick Fussell • Room F

Singles of all ages • Spiritual Disciplines

Bill Ruhl • Auditorium
Senior adults • Philippians


7-7:45pm • March 7-May 30

Joe Jackson • Room 101
Senior adults

Jan Blackwell • Room 420/421

All adults • Rock Solid: 1 & 2 Peter

Jessi Kohring • Room 422
Women • Living In Jesus: Meditative Readings of Peter, John & Jude

Reading the Bible is not like reading other books. Bible study is necessary for our life with God. However, we read the Bible for more than just information. We must read it slowly and attempt to hear the voice of God from its pages. Join us on Wednesday nights as we experience transformation by listening to the Word of God. Through His loving words, God is calling us to life with Him. He is forming us into the image of His Son.

Sean Jackson & David Head • Room F
Men • The Quest for Authentic Manhood

Throughout our Wednesday nights together we are examining our development as men, looking into the wounds that often hold us back and exploring how those wounds are healed. We are discovering the importance of male mentors for encouragement, the power of Dad, raising healthy sons and daughters and the role of a man in marriage. Join us as we together discover a Biblical definition of manhood and inspire each other to live lives of authentic manhood directed by the Word of God.