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Hendersonville’s Online Community

We are excited about what Realm offers us as a family and how it helps us accomplish our mission of Connecting Christ With Community.

Get Started

Invites were sent September 7, 2017. Didn’t get your invite? Contact us.

After you set up your account it’s easy to access Realm.

Click the My Account link at the bottom of any page on the website or simply visit


Join us in meeting our family’s ministry goals: keep your profile information updated. 

The first step is to make sure your profile information is correct.

Secondly, please upload a current photo of yourself and, if applicable, of your family. This helps leadership keep accurate records and helps our elders shepherd the flock they love.


Manage your giving as recurring or one-time donations in a secure, easy-to-use environment. Contribution statements are always available.

Let us be clear: we want you to use online giving. It’s convenient for you and the staff. It also saves us time and money.

Through your profile, you can see an updated giving statement whenever you need it.


Stay in touch with those closest to you at Hendersonville or meet new people. Groups are a great way to get and stay connected. For example, your small group or class can have a group in Realm.

We also added a Family News group any member can request to join. Simply go to Groups > Find Groups > Community > and then Family News. Then, simply request to join.

Realm Connect App

Stay connected right from your smart phone or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions


By default, your address, phone number and other contact information can only be seen by staff members, leaders, or members of groups you are in. In order for anyone else to see your information, you must adjust your privacy settings and opt-in to the Directory.


Everyone else with a login can only see your name and photo.


To control who sees what information or do allow (or not allow) everyone with a Realm login to see your information, visit your privacy settings on your profile page.


Staff members and elders are always able to see your Realm data.


There’s much more that goes into protecting your privacy, including your use of a good, randomized password.

Class Visit Schedule

Brian Holaway, Director of Communications, is visiting classes to talk about Realm and how to get connected. In addition, Brian is available in the Library several Wednesdays in September and October to offer further assistance.

September 10
Room 422 – Getting to Know Realm

September 13
Library – Realm Q&A

September 24
Room 420/421 (combined class) – Getting to Know Realm

September 27
Library – Realm Q&A

October 1
Room 204 – Getting to Know Realm

October 4
Library – Realm Q&A

October 8
Room A (combined class including Room B1 & Room F groups) – Getting to Know Realm

October 11
Library – Realm Q&A

October 15
Room 201 (combined class including Room 202 group) – Getting to Know Realm