The Vision of Hendersonville Church of Christ

"We whose names are
subscribed to this statement

with our hearts believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God and we solemnly covenant with one another this day that we accept him as our Lord and Master, and the Word of God as our guide; and whatever we know or may learn to be his will we will with diligence strive to do.”

These words were written and commissioned by 18 believers on April 2, 1893, as they signed what is now referred to as the charter for Hendersonville Church of Christ.

Today, over 125 years after the signing of the charter and, in 1977, the congregation’s journey down Main Street to our current building, we continue to believe in Jesus as the Son of God, inviting others to join the journey in following Him.

We begin with the story of Jesus. We then connect with His body, begin transforming into His image and participate in His work. The cycle continues, guiding us ever closer to God.

Our Mission

To love and glorify God, promote spiritual growth in His family and reflect Jesus by serving and teaching others.