9am Classes
10am Worship


Our Children’s Ministry strives to excite and encourage our kids and families to love and glorify God, grow spiritually and reflect Jesus through serving others.

• We offer weekly classes and other creative, interactive opportunities for worship and learning to help our kids grow in their relationship with God, learn His Word, and experience His unconditional love.

• We are intentional about understanding and leveraging what is happening in the lives of our kids and make a commitment to do our best to meet them where they are, investing in them and their families.

• We encourage each child to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, instill in them a desire to submit to Him throughout their lives, and commit to teaching them the importance of repentance and baptism.

• We provide a safe and secure environment for our children and their families while at church, as well as during events and activities.

• We strive to create a loving, nurturing, servant-hearted community of children and adults who enjoy doing life together and who are committed to Christ and to one another.