Realm: Joining the Family News Group

We want our family to stay in touch. A phone call or face-to-face conversation is always best. But how do we stay up-to-date with important, more personal news across the larger church family?

Realm can help.

After you set up your Realm account, you can join the Family News group and receive updates on births, hospital stays, funeral arrangements, baptisms weather-related worship gathering updates, and more.

These instructions assume you have a Realm account and are logged in to Realm on one of the below devices. Contact Brian Holaway if you need a Realm account.



  • Search for “Family News”
  • Tap the search result “Family News”
  • Tap Join

Desktop or Laptop Browser

  • In the upper right corner, search for “Family News”
  • Click the search result
  • Click Join

Your request to join the group is sent to group leaders. Once approved you can view Family News-related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a Realm account?

A: Contact Brian Holaway, Director of Communications.

Q: Why isn’t everyone automatically added to the Family News group?

A: While Realm offers a very user-friendly way to stay informed, we don’t assume you want every piece of information available. Thankfully, Realm allows you to choose what information you receive.

Q: Can I request prayers for a friend?

A: Yes, but without permission from your friend the request will go only to the elders and ministers. We respect personal information and circumstances by requiring permission from the person before we publish the request.