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Discovering the Mission of God

Sermon Series • Beginning January 2, 2022

God has a magnificent plan, one meant to involve every person in a work that glorifies God and brings meaning and purpose to the individual’s life. However, many people are unaware of that plan. Join us in 2022 as we discover the mission of God, explore its claims on our lives, and experience the joy it brings when we join Him in it.

The story of the Old Testament is the beginning of God’s mission to redeem His creation. Discover how God used Israel to bring God’s ultimate redeemer: the Messiah.

Jesus accomplished more than simply dying for our sins. Discover Jesus’ incredible mission to renew humanity into the image of God and to restore them to their rightful place in creation.

We can summarize the message of the New Testament in one word: Gospel. Discover the essence of this Good News, beginning with John the Baptist’s preaching and culminating in the transformation of Jews and Gentiles for the sake of the world.

Being saved is not the end of the Gospel. Discover the spiritual conflict that disciples courageously fight while being renewed into the image of God’s Son and equipped to be co-rulers over God’s creation.