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2020 was like no other year. Every aspect of our lives was affected. Darkness, despair, discouragement, distraction, disconnection, disillusionment and, of course, (social) distance are only a few words that describe last year.

Christians are not exempt from the disaster that was 2020 but we are sustained by the hope that we have through faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. In 2021 we want to move from darkness into light; from despair into hope; from discouragement into confidence; from distraction to a keen focus on Jesus; from disconnection to fellowship; from disillusionment to triumph. Simply, we must move from fear through faith to freedom.

We are focusing on three major themes to guide our journey—the life of David, encounters with Jesus, and Paul’s letter to the Romans. Will you join the journey?

Part I: David and the Psalms (January 3–May 2)
We know more about David’s life than any other Old Testament character. Through both historical narrative and Psalms, we witness how God moved to sustain David during difficult times. He does the same for us.

Part II: Encounters With Jesus (May 16–August 29)
The Gospels present Jesus as a person who met people where they were and moved them to where they needed to be regardless of the challenges they encountered. This is the same Jesus that works in our lives as we move forward during difficult times.

Part III: Paul and the Romans (September 5–November 28)
Life is full of fears and challenges. In Romans, Paul challenges Christians in the capital of the Roman Empire to move from fear through faith into freedom—the kind of freedom only God provides.

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