My Town: Season 2

Jesus has two primary commands for His followers. Second only to “love God” is “love your neighbor as yourself.” What happens when we humbly examine this message?

Join the challenge to become neighbors who extend compassion and care, bring our neighborhoods together and grow more aware and attentive to the Kingdom of God around us.


Stan Wilson is a Nashville native. He is married to Cheryl and now calls her family’s retired farm in Mt. Juliet home. Stan and Cheryl met at David Lipscomb High School, and they married in 1992 at Harpeth Hills Church of Christ. Stan returned to Hazelip’s School of Theology at Lipscomb in 2016. He completed his Masters of Divinity in the Spring of 2019.

Jon Micah is the Family Discipleship Minister at Hendersonville Church of Christ. He is the husband to Jenn and dad to four amazing children, Christine, Lara, Jack, and Luke. He’s an avid Houston Astros fan, occasional action chef, and loves camping and spending weekends with his wife in Chattanooga.