Year-End Giving 2022

We have designated December 11 as our Year-End Giving Sunday. The goal is to finish the year financially strong, firmly positioning us to continue supporting our ministries and to help even more kingdom growth as opportunities arise.

Our Year-End Giving goal for 2022 is $200,000. This amount is above our usual budgeted giving in December. It helps us make up the giving deficit we have seen this year and assist in covering the increased costs we have all experienced. We know this is a considerable number, and we come before you filled with prayerful humility and faith that with God’s help, we can accomplish the goal. You have repeatedly proven that you are a generous people, committed to doing His work. Your elders are so grateful that you continue to support this church and His work.

We are excited about the future of this church, and we ask you to be prayerful, considering your role in this Year-End Giving effort. And we ask for prayer as we work to use the gifts and resources God has given us to spread his Kingdom throughout our community and the world.

– the elders

Questions: Any elder or Blake Parker, Executive Minister