Giving Goal Sunday

As a reminder from our update last week, next Sunday, December 13, is Giving Goal Sunday.

While 2020 was difficult, our church family is in a good financial position. Despite giving being expectedly below budget, we intentionally lowered expenses while receiving pandemic financial assistance. Because of this and your continued generosity we:

  • Supported all missions and local ministries
  • Supported benevolence need that exceeded our budget
  • Continued internal support for families in need
  • Paid Day School teachers through months with no tuition

So, despite a difficult past several months, we are presently okay.

This stewardship allows us to look confidently to the future. On Giving Goal Sunday we are asking for $100,000 above our normal weekly offering to accomplish things God has placed on the hearts of the elders, staff, and our larger church family.

  • Station Camp Church of Christ, which closed its doors in 2017, is distributing funds to area churches. We receive $60,000 for Whispering Pines Christian Camp if we match this with our own gifts and are thankful to the board of Station Camp for their generosity.
  • Additionally, we are upgrading our facilities to better serve our guests at Room In The Inn.
  • Lastly, to prepare for a potentially difficult 2021, we are building up our benevolence and mission funds to serve those inside and outside our walls.

We estimate the total for all of these items to equal or exceed $100,000.

We’ve asked for this much in the past, but 2020 is different. We know many of you were or are still affected financially because of the pandemic. There is no obligation or guilt placed on any of you to give more while you work through this difficult time. In fact, contact us if you need help or prayer. We are here for you.

For those who are in a good financial position, we are entering 2021 with optimism and need your assistance to accomplish the goals we have so earnestly prayed for.

Spend this week in prayer about your gifts. While you can give at any point during the last weeks of this year, next Sunday, December 13, is our day to reach these financial goals as we continue to seek God’s will, look forward to accomplishing the things he has placed on our hearts, and continue inviting others to join the journey.